Return and Refund Policy

Company provides rights to our consumers to return any product and service that seemed un-useful to them with in a specific time from purchase.

Product Guarantee (Warranty in a condition of warrantyable product)

Product guarantee/warranty is limited to the company product that has an issue of pakagging, quantity or quality from the side of company. Product that are sold and has the issue just becuase of the careless handling of the distributor/customer/consumer then company has no provision to get that return.

Product Return Policy

Company provides a right to distributor/customer/consumer to return a product if it has a noticeable problem in pakagging, quality. No product would be accepted to return if it seemed to be tempered by the purpose of return it illegally.
No product will be accepted to return if it has been expired and lost it's quality due to being careless about the product.

Note: The product can be returned only within 30 Days of Purchase.

It is recommended to buy a product has an expiry date of minimum 45 to 60 Days.

Documents to return a product
1. Product return form
2. Reason of Return (Mentioned it in Return Form)
3. Bill/Invoice Original Slip
4. Product that to return

Refund Policy

Company like to conserve the rights of the distributor/customer/consumer that purchases a product and really have an issue with pakagging/quantity/quality then company is liable to refund for the returned product.
Note: In some scenerio when authorized DPC / Company find a product tempered for the purpose of return it illegally then company is not liable to refund for the same product.
If a product that authorized DPC / Company feel it is returned genuinly and have some problem done by distributor/customer/consumer but still be reused company can get it back with some charges or cut off. But it is not really compulsory to entertained this scenerio.

Buy Back Policy

Company also offers to have our product back if any of the time company find any serious problem with any of the product.
Company is liable to pay the refund for such buy back if that has been sold to the customers for a amount.