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Wiseren MPL

Wiseren MPL is a short form for Wiseren Marketing Private Limited. That is Registered Under the Company Laws of Govt. of India in Jan-2021.
It has a great vision to establish itself a better one in the Industry. Read more

Wiseren Business Plan

Wiseren MPL has a business plan that carries all the benefits that must a direct selling industry should give to it's Direct Sellers.
It always focus for both sides, for Consumer and it's Direct Sellers. See Plan here

How to Join

A Person or Prospect that is ready and fulfil all primary requirement can become a direct seller.

List of some basic requirement:

  1. Minimum Age (in Years): 18+
  2. Citizen of India*
  3. Mindful & Stable
  4. The person which is illiterate can apply but it is recommended to have knowlege of reading & writing.
    Tip: Person that is illiterate should carry a guidence of such other aware person.
  5. A valid Aadhar
  6. A valid PAN
  7. Recent Photo
  8. A person that is already a Direct Seller of our Company as the Upline for the team/group.
      See Plan here & Learn More

Product Details

Our Company deals in authentic and safe products that are useful for the customers.
Products are mainly for the healthy livings of people in this unbalanced life routine.
We are visioned to launch all possible products that are useful for the people. See Products


Here is the list of our Departments with thier contacts address and helpline numbers.

1. Consumer Department:

2. Direct Seller/Distributor Department:

3. Legality Department:

Terms and Conditions

Company has Terms and conditions that Legally Necessary to operate business ethically successful. Company has a list of Terms of Service and other conditions that can be read here