WISEREN Marketing Pvt. Ltd. India

Contractual Agreement

{ Terms that applicable for all respective Direct Seller of the Company }

I here by agree that..

  1. I am independently and with no tempt want to come into Contract Agreement with this company.
  2. I am sure that i will share/shared the correct and true information while filling the form to be a direct seller of the company.
  3. I understand the Direct Selling Guidelines-2016 and the rules and the obligations that described in this.
  4. I understand and make sure that i will follow all the ethics while dealing with my prospects and teams
  5. I understand and make sure that i will not share and promote any false information to achieve my goals.
  6. I strongly assure that i will not do any misbehave with any of my prosepcts or teams.
  7. I will not share any personal information of my prospects or teams to any unreliable sources.
  8. I will take consent from the infomation owner to share his/her provided details if it becomes necessary to be shared to a specific person or authority.
  9. I Strongly make sure that i will not collect any unnecessary information of my prospect/client or teams.
  10. I will not sell any product that has been expired or has no sufficient days to be expired.
  11. I make sure, i will take all necessary information about the product that i will offer to my prospect/client.
  12. I will not sell any other's company product using my Company ID Card.
  13. I will never misuse my Company ID.
  14. I will always take an appointment before visiting my prospects/permises.
  15. I will not share any false information about the company that might down the reputation of the company.
  16. Company has full rights to launch any legal proceedings against me, if i found involved or guilty in such activities that ruins the social dignity and reputation of the company.
  17. I will be soley responsible but not the company for the circumtances in case if i do such things that company don't allow and that breaks Direct Selling Guidelines-2016.
  18. I will be obligated to inform the company if i found any misconception or misleading done by any relavant person of the company.
  19. I will keep myself updated with the Direct Sellers agreement terms and Direct Selling Guidelines-2016

I hereby comfirm that i am independently and with no any tempt want to come into agreement to be direct seller of this company.

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